Eachine EV200D firmware upgrade

Firmware upgrade

Eachine has released the EV200D goggles Firmware upgrade package to fix the DVR issue with overexposed (too bright) video footage recorded when using PAL video source. Interestingly that the same video is perfectly seen in the googles, but has issues when recorded on the DVR.

My pair of the goggles is still not shipped yet, so I cannot test this upgrade. Do the following firmware upgrade on your own responsibility. 

How to upgrade EV200D DVR firmware?

Upgrade instructions:
1. Format the SD card and load in the upgrading file SD_CarDV.bin into SD
card root directory, insert the SD card into the goggles then power it on, the goggles will get into automatic upgrading status and keep beeping, the upgrading will end up with a long alarm. Take the SD card out to check if the upgrading file SD_CarDV.bin is still there. If  the file is absent, the upgrading process was successful, then power it off and restart. If file is still there, please retry the upgrading.
2. If upgrading procedure ended in failure (wrong processing, SD card took out, goggles powered off during upgrade process), imperative upgrading operation is necessary:
a. Power off the goggles, format the SD card and load in the imperative
upgrading file SdFwCode.bin and upgrading file SD_CarDV.bin.
b. Insert the SD card into the goggles then long press DVR button vertically
and power it on, release the DVR button when it start beeping, and the upgrading  begin, the process will end up with a long alarm. Formatting the SD card and power off the goggles and restart. 
3. Check whether version upgrading succeeded. See the instructions below.

How to check the goggles have the latest firmware?

Follow these steps to check the firmware version:

1. Long-press five-direction DVR button vertically to enter REC mode

2. Long-press five-direction DVR button to the right to enter play video list

3. Long-press DVR button to the left to enter play back menu item

4. Press DVR button vertically to see the FW Version information.
If it is shown 0828 version Version:0003.2018.0828, upgrading process was successful.

If it is shown 0346 version Version:0002.0001.0346, upgrading failed.

Upgrade package can be downloaded from here: http://bit.ly/Eachine-EV200D-DVR-Firmware-0828

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