Review: Realacc BlackBird 205 frame

Review of the RealAcc BlackBird 205 (also called BlackBird 208 or 210 mm) frame with assembly instructions.

Frame kit contents: 4pcs of 4mm arms, arms intersection plate, bottom and top plate, 2pcs of side plate, aluminium standofs, M3 bolts, nylon standofs, action cam holder plates, 4pcs of landing pads, battery holder plate with rubber bumpers, battery strap and basic Matek PDB board.

First impression: the CNC cut of the frame parts is ok, but the finishing is terrible – there are very sharp edges on the carbon parts. Several examples of the rough edges:

You can see carbon fiber exposed and sticking out of the cut holes:

You should take extreme care while working with this frame, because frame carbon fiber particles are dangerous for your lungs and skin. My skin got irritant and became very itchy while I have assembled it for the first time. My advice is to sand the edges with some wet sanding surface while wearing protective gloves and wash the frame and everything after the work. So basicly do the finishing work by yourself.

There are no assembly instructions supplied with the kit. I will try to describe the assembly process in the detail.

Frame build starts by assembling the bottom plate and arms with the longes supplied screws:

Special notice we should take at this point – do you see the gap between the arms where they should intersect? This is the major flaw of the manufacturing process. These arms supposed to be cut so tight than there would be not a single gap, but instead there is a lot of the free play in the arms because of this gap.

Nex add the middle plate and fasten the inner screws with nylon standofs:

And outer screws with purple aluminium spacers:

Next assemble the side plates to the top plate in this way:

Attach the assembled canopy to the bottom plate:

You can assemble the additional HD action cam mount, but it is not necessary and you can save a few grams:

At least 2 long (M3x12mm) screws are missing in the frame kit, so you need to find some longer screws to complete the cam mount build.

Weight of the action camera mount is 7.3 g.

There is not much height for the stack, so only abou two storey stack:

Weight of the frame without HD action camera mount is 75g:

Weigh of the complete frame is 83 g:

Supplied screws have only 8 pcs of M3x12mm screws while frame needs at least 12 pcs of them. Plenty of the M3x5mm spare screws:

There is one part left unused and I dont know where should I put it. If someone knows, please leave your suggestion in comments.

Some photos of the assembled frame:

Complete frame view:


According to the rumors there will be a 6mm arm upgrade kit available for this frame in the nearest future. It will be way more durable with 6mm arms. And a spare arms are the must for this frame. Will update this review once upgrade/spare arms will be available.


  • Good looking frame;
  • Narrow arms provide less air resistance;
  • Very light frame (can be stripped to 75g);
  • Easy assembly;


  • Arms are not cut precise, so there is a free play in the intersection;
  • Carbon finishing is very bad, need to sand and clean the carbon;
  • Some long screws are missing in the kit;
  • No spare arms are available (so far);

This frame can be purchased @ Banggood:

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