Jumper T-Lite multiprotocol radio

Jumper is preparing to release the game controller style radio Jumper T-Lite. The shape of the radio is very similar to the BetaFPV LiteRadio 2, but with small 1.3 inch monochrome LCD display and navigation buttons. Jumper T-Lite also has internal multiprotocol 4in1 or CC2500 module and the removable antennaT-Lite radio will be running OpenTX firmware and hopefully will have full OpenTX developers support soon.


The Jumper T-Lite Hall effect gimbals looks to be the same as on Jumper T12 radio. 

T-Lite has possibility to install JR Lite module bay, and can be equipped with TBS Crossfire Nano TX module.

This radio has trim buttons, which is very handy for fixed wing pilots. There is USB-C type connector for connecting the radio to the PC (OpenTX Companion or simulator use). Also the Li-on battery can be charged internally by USB-C cable. 

There are two versions of the T-Lite radio: One with 4in1 multiprotocol module that supports all major radio protocols and single CC2500 chip module supporting FrSky and Futaba protocols.

Version Gimbal Screen Module Chip/ Protcol


Hall Sensor 1.3 ” LCD screen 4IN1 Module

A7105-Flysky,Hubsan,AFHDS2A etc

CC2500-Frsky,Futaba SFHSS,Hitec,Radiolink,Esky,Corona etc

CYRF6936-DSM / DSMX,Walkera Devo,Wfly etc




Hall Sensor 1.3 ” LCD screen CC2500-frsky, Futaba SFHSS,Hitec,Radiolink,Esky,Cor

Photos of the back side. You can see the slot for the cables under the sticker. The radio comes with the adapter and cables for external module.

Photos of the internals

OpenTX support for the Jumper T-lite is planned in the 2.3.12 version of the OpenTX (https://www.open-tx.org/radios).

Update 2021-01-25: Jumper has updated the description of the T-Lite Radio. Now it says that TBS CRSF Nano maximum power output of only 25mW. Higher power levels needs external power supply. Also support for IRC Ghost confirmed.

Estimated release date: 2021-01-25

Available @:

Makerfire (coupon code “MFTLite“): https://shop.makerfire.com/collections/new-arrival/products/jumper-t-lite-…-lcd-screen

Banggood (coupon code “BGJumper00“): https://www.banggood.com/Jumper-T-Lite-16CH-Hall-Sensor-Gimbals-…-1782091.html

 Multi-Protocol Module
Full Size Adjustable Hall Sensor Gimbals
Single 18650 battery Powered (Battery not included)
Integrated USB-C Charging function
Reserve Frsky R9M LITE Module Bay (Support TBS CROSSFIRE NANO)
Remove-able Antenna
Voice Broadcast Function
Vibration Reminder Function
Reserve TF Slot
Simulator Interface
1.3 inch 12864 LCD Screen
Trimming Buttons 

Name: Jumper T-Lite
Single RF: CC2500
Muti-Protocol: Built-in 4 in 1 Muti-Protocol Module
Battery:1×18650( Battery not included )
External MicroSD Card:reserved SD cards lot


Source: Facebook, Makerfire

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