101 use of Arduino for RC

   How Arduino can be used for RC purposes? You will be surprised how useful it can be. This is a compilation of different useful cases where Arduino can come in handy. Arduino can be used as interface from PC to various devices, such as ESC’s, FC, RX, TX, various adapters, converters, controllers and many more. So pick up a few arduino boards, because sooner or later you’ll using it for your RC needs.

List of Arduino uses for RC:

1. Arduino as Eachine EV100 goggles firmware update adapter

   Eachine released the first batches of EV100 goggles with a few nasty flaws. One of them was intermittent blackouts in FPV feed, which was fixed in the latest firmware releases. The problem was that EV100 needs special firmware updater tool in order to upload the firmware. Luckily Arduino can be used as firmware updating adapter. Read more here…

2. Arduino as Eachine ProDVR firmware restore tool

   If your ProDVR (also HMDVR) device is bricked after firmware update process, you can easily restore it by flashing firmware directly to the serial flash ship by using the Arduino! Read more here… 

3. Arduino as Caddx Turtle firmware restore tool

  Updating the firmware via SD card sometimes fails and leaves the device “bricked”. No worries as there is a possibility to restore the firmware by using the Arduino. Read more here…

4. Arduino as Aomway Commander V1 Goggles DVR firmware restore tool

   Firware update process can sometimes be usucessful, resulting in a bricked DVR unit on the Commander V1 goggles. Good news is that the DVR on the Commander can be fixed after a failed upgrade attempt by using the Arduino! Read more here…

5. Arduino as Lap Timer (Chorus RF Laptimer)

   Want to build easy LapTimer by using only Arduino, 5.8GHz video RX module and bluetooth module? If answer is yes, then this is you weekend project! Project webpage is here…

6. Arduino as Wireless RC simulator dongle

Ever wanted to have wireless simulator dongle? Unfortunately there are no such dongle to buy anywhere. But you can easily do it by yourself! Read more here…


Other possible uses (will be updated):

  • Arduino as BLHeli ESC configuration adapter
  • Arduino as FTDI adapter
  • Arduino as ISDT charger firmware update adapter

I’m also looking for your Arduino project suggestions in the comments section. 


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