Diatone 2019 GT-R239 – new GTR90

Diatone has released the new 2019 version of their famous GTR90 series quadcopter called GT-R239. This version has moulded plastic canopy, the same 90mm motor to motor frame size, Diatone Mamba F405 Mini Power Tower stack and the upgraded 1105 5500KV motors. These me Mamba 1105 motors provide up to 120grams of thrust each with 4S battery, however Diatone recommends using 3S battery.

The frame of Diatone GT R239 is made of polycarbonate and it is available in three colors: Black, White and Translucent. Propeller guards cannot be taken off – they are the part of the molded frame.

GT R239 weight is 72 grams compared to 2 inch Babywahk-R with 82 grams.

Diatone has taken great attention to the details. Even the screws of the GT R239 are custom made of 10.9 grade rust proof steel that exhibit high tensile strength and good wear resistance.

It is expected that 2019 GT R239 will have 2 versions: one version with Runcam Split mini and another with Runcam Swift on board. Maybe Diatone will release these modifications later.

Bigger brother with carbon frame GRT249.

More pictures of the prototype versions:

Frame only:

Mamba motor:

Frame durability test:


 Available @ Banggood: https://www.banggood.com/Diatone-2019-GT-R239-R90-2-Inch-3S-FPV-Racing-RC-Drone-PNP-w-F4-OSD-25A-RunCam-Micro-Swift-TX200U-p-1377960.html

Diatone: https://diatone-innovations.myshopify.com/products/pre-order-2019-gt-rabbit-r239r90-2inch-3s

Brand name: Diatone 
Item name: GT R239 RC Drone
Wheel base: 90mm
Frame kit material: plastic
Propeller: 2 inch
Color: lucency / black / white
Weight: 72g
Lipo battery: support 3S (not included)
Flight controller: Mamba F405 mini; MPU6000; AT7456 OSD; 16M flash; 5V 1A BEC.
ESC: Mamba F25 / 25A 3S ESC Dshot600      
Motor: Mamba Racing MB1105 5500KV 
Camera: RunCam Micro Swift     
VTX: RunCam TX200U 48CH 25 / 200mW

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