DYS Aria F45A 4in1 and Aria 40A ESCs

DYS has prepared to release two new ESCs: Aria F45A 4in1 ESC and Aria 40A slim ESC. 

DYS Aria F45A 4in1 ESC

This ESC is running on BLHeli_32 firmware. Is rated for continuous current at 45A and bursts up to 50A. Has onboard BEC for 5V/A and 9V/1.5A. Unfortunately it has conservative voltage support from 3S up to only 5S. Everybody is expecting 6S nowadays. 

DYS Aria 40A ESC

Just as DIATONE has released their slim series Mamba 40A ESCs, DYS now has their own slim ESC – Aria 40A. DYS Aria is super slim – width is only 11mm.  Aria ESC is rated at 40A continues current and supports from 3S up to 6S. Of course Aria 40A is running on the most modern BLHeli_32 firmware. ESC has RGB LED on board.


More details will be available later.

Source: Facebook, dys.hk

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