EMAX Babyhawk 85mm micro brushless quadcopter

A new micro quadcopter from EMAX was introduced in the sub 100 mm brushless quad league. Almost all of the quad components are manufacured by EMAX. It is equiped with EMAX designed All-In-One Camera and VTX, EMAX femto f3 flight controller, easily-replaceable solderless connected 6A BLHeli_S 2s-4s capable ESCs, and EMAX 1104 5000kv motors. Even propeller is propreitary EMAX 2.3″ sized propeller. According to the preliminary data motors and props on this little beast produces approximately 500g of thrust! Weight without battery is 60g and full weight with 2S 300mah lipo is 78g. Receiver was not included in the weight measures – you must add yours.

Release date – about march of 2017. Preliminary price -$99 for PNP version.

Check the availability here: http://www.banggood.com/EMAX-Babyhawk-85mm-Bullet-6A-BLHeli_S-Femto-F3-AIO-5_8G-25MW-COMS-VTX-Mirco-Brushless-FPV-Racer-PNP-p-1121958.html

PNP (Plug-n-Play) Combo INCLUDES:

-EMAX All-in-One Camera and VTX 25MW CMOS
-EMAX Femto F3 FlightController/PDB board with built in 5v regulator
-EMAX Bullet 6A BLHeli_S Plug-In ESCs
-EMAX 1104 5000kv Brushless Motor
-EMAX 2.3″ Propellers
-EMAX 85mm Molded PC Plastic Body/Frame
-EMAX 85mm Molded PC Plastic Motor Guards
**Just need pwm, ppm, sbus ready Radio Receiver to make it fly!

Babyhawk + 2.3″ Propellers = 60g
Babyhawk + 2.3″ Propellers + Motor Guards = 68g
Babyhawk + 2.3″ Propellers + 2S 300mah lipo = 78g
Babyhawk + 2.3″ Propellers + Motor Guards + 2S 300mah lipo = 86g

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