FETtec KISS G4 – first STM32G4 Flight Controller

FETtec KISS G4 is the first flight controller with STM32G4 processor in the market. STM43G4 is an updated version of the F4 MCU with improved performance and analog signal processing capabilities. Read more about the flight controller processors here: Flight controller MCU – F1, F3, G4, F4, F7 and H7

This board features Graphical OSD5 hardware UARTS. FETtec KISS G4 has 8 DShot2400 capable outputs,  4 RGB light LEDs for decoration and style.

FETtec KISS G4 has solder pads for ESCs on the each corner of the board also 8 ESCs can be plugged in with 2x 8 pin connectors. The FC has total of 6 connectors for peripherals (see the list in the specs).

FETtec KISS G4 FC has dual BEC – 5V BEC for RX and 5V/16V BEC for VTX (switchable and real Pit*).

FETtec KISS G4 FC pinout diagram.

It can be mounted on 30x30mm or 20x20mm stacks.

Released in 2021-10-01

Available @


FETtec KISS G4 User Manual: https://fettec.net/media/pdf/3d/fa/91/FETtec-FC-G4-manual.pdf


  • Latest STM32G4 Processor

    • 170Mhz + Math accelerator

    • MPU6000

  • Supply voltage 6-27V (2S-6S Lipo)

  • 2x dedicated onboard BEC (max. 600mA each)

    • 5V BEC for RX

    • 5V/16V BEC for VTX (switchable and real Pit*)

  • 2x 8 pin connector for solder free ESC connection

    • Connector 1: ESC signal 1-4, telemetry, VCC, GND

    • Connector 2: ESC signal 5-8 (depending on UAV type 1-4), telemetry, VCC, GND

  • 1x 8 pin connector for solder free VTX, cam connection and OSD or digital systems

    • real Pit* VCC, GND, Video in, Video out, BEC 5V/16V, VCS/TX3, RX3

  • 2x 6 pin connectors for serials

    • RX1, TX1, 3.3V, VCC, 5V, GND

    • RX3, VCS/TX3, RGB LED, VCC, 5V, GND

  • 1x 4 pin connector for receiver

    • Signal, TLM, 5V, GND

  • 5 UART serials

    • UART 1 free

    • UART 2 used for Receiver

    • UART 3 free

    • UART 4 used for onboard OSD, can be set free

    • UART 5 used for ESCs / TLM / Onewire

  • 4 ESC solder pads (Signal/GND) in each corner

  • Buzzer pads

  • 4 tiny RGB LEDs (selectable color)

  • Supported ESC protocols

    • PWM, Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Dshot150/300/600/1200/2400, FETtec Onewire

  • FETtec KISS firmware
  • Onboard OSD
    • Graphic OSD (STM32)
    • Full KISS Tuning
    • Filter (PIDs, Rates, Settings)
    • LED control (RGB LED, Racewire)
    • VTX
    • Live data graphs (Voltage, motor rpm, current, motor temp, gyro values, link quality)
    • KISS GPS support + live map
    • Custom graphic pilot logo
    • Stick overlay
    • Custom layout
    • can be deactivated for usage of digital systems
  • Connector type: JST-SH-1mm


  • Maximum outside dimensions: 37,2 x 37,2mm, without outside tips 30 x 30mm

  • Mounting hole arrangement:

    • 20 x 20mm with M2 mounting hole (expandable to M3)

    • 30 x 30mm with M3 mounting hole

    • 30 x 30mm mounting hole tips are removable to reduce overall FC size

  • Overall height: 7,9mm

  • Weight: 5,37g


  • KISS Firmware
  • FETtec OSD Firmware



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