NewBeeDrone Infinity – AIO FC with protection

The newest NewBeeDrone Infinity AIO flight controller has something that stands out of the crowd. It’s design attracts the eye and you just can’t stop admiring this peace of art.

Double-sided custom aluminum heatsinks protects the board from the crash damage and provides more efficient cooling. All the components are covered by these heatsink shields. It is really built to last if not for the infinity then at least for long.

You can see the chip placing on the heatsink on the lower side of the ESC. Heatsinks also should provide additional protection from electromagnetic interferences.

The flight controller has 2 UARTs on the DJI Air Unit connector, UART 3 available on the solder pads. There is 16Mb Blackbox on board. The AIO has 4in1 ESC, capable of 45A continuous and up to 55A burst current output. Board can work with 3-6S batteries. There are 4pcs Betaflight addressable LEDs on the lower part of the PCB for even more cool look.

I wish this NewBeeDrone Infinity AIO could be available in Analog version also, as this AIO is designed to work with DJI digital FPV system only (does not have analog OSD).

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  • MCU: STM32F722RET6
  • Gyro: MPU6000
  • LED: 4x Betaflight Addressable LED’s
  • Blackbox: 16MB
  • 6-Pin DJI FPV Air Unit Connector
  • Micro USB Connector
  • UART1 – SBUS on DJI Connector (RX only)
  • UART2 – DJI Connector
  • UART3 – Free
  • 4x STM32F0 BLHELI_32 ESC MCU
  • 45A + 55A Burst ESC
  • 3-6S Battery Input
  • 9V 2A 18W Design for DJI FPV Air Unit
  • 42.5x37mm with 30.5×30.5 Mounting Holes
  • Weight: 21gr. without grommets
  • IMPORTANT: This FC only works with DJI/Caddx HD Systems only



  • 1x Infinity AIO Flight Controller + ESC
  • 1x Infinity AIO to DJI Air Module Cable 40mm
  • 1x Infinity AIO to DJI Air Module Cable 100mm
  • 1x Infinity AIO to DJI Air Module Cable 150mm
  • 13x Nylon Lock Nut
  • 5x Steel Screw M3x14
  • 4x Grommets Short 4x Grommets Long
  • 1x 470uf 35v Electrolytic Capacitor
  • 1x XT60 Cable
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