Sales, discounts and coupons on 11.11, 2020

Compilation of the deals, discounts and coupons on the double eleven sale event this year (2020.11.11)


Coupons: BG11SHOP9% off sitewide, BG11RACER11% off on the special category RC products here:

Other coupons:

11% OFF coupon code: BG11SHADOW

Novice-III RTF set :
15% OFF coupon code: BG11NVC3

Tyro99 DIY kit:
12% OFF coupon code: BG99D1

Cvatar 4S/6S   4S: 6S:
15% OFF coupon code: BG11EACVAV1

Happymodel Crux3 3 Inch quad :
$84.55 with coupon code: BGCX311



Coupon code “halfprice” – 50% off on flash sale items:

Emax Freestyle 2306 motors for only $8.99 and Pulsar motors for only $10.00


Coupon code MKF1118% discount on sale items here:

Coupon code MKF66% discount for items on special page:

Use NOV5 Code to Save $5 OFF on cart size $100+
UseNOV15 Code to Save $15 OFF on cart size $200+
Use NOV25 Code to Save $25 OFF on cart size $300+



Up to 60% sale


Double 11 promotion, up to 25% off discount
ETA:2020.11.11 24:00

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