Review: RunCam Thumb camera

RunCam Thumb is budget FPV action camera with built in gyro, made particularly for FPV users. RunCam Thumb is not the first of its kind, but the budget price makes it an interesting option.


  • Item Name: Rumcan Thumb
  • Resolution: 1080P@60FPS
  • Video Format: MP4
  • Gyro: Built-in
  • Communication Interface: Micro USB
  • Support Micro SD Card Capacity: 128G Max
  • USB Power Input/Terminal Power Supply: 5.0V
  • Dimension: 52mmx13mmx21mm
  • Net Weight: 9.8g


  • Built-in Gyro
  • Mini Size and lightWeight
  • Detachable Lens Protection Cover
  • Adjustable Angle Bracket
  • 150° FOV
  • DC 5V Power Supply
  • 1080P 60FPS

Closer look

The package contents: RunCam Thumb camera, lens protection cap, ND filter cap, power cable, camera mount with screws and double sided sticky rubber pad.

The weight of the RunCam Thumb is only 9.9 g.

The weight of the supplied camera mount is 2.7 g.

The total weight of the camera, ND filter and the power supply cable is 10.3 grams.

SD Card

The microSD card must be installed in the slot which can be accessed by removing the back cover. The recommended microSD card speed rating should be 10MB/s or faster (Speed Class 10, UHS Speed Class U1, Video Speed Class V10 or better). Refer to the chart below for SD card selection.

SD card speed class chart (

There is no detent or any other support for correctly inserted card, you just need to push the card until it stops, look at the example below.

The microSD card cover is somehow loose and can come off right in the middle of the flight. It is recommended to fix it with piece of tape.

Settings file

All camera settings can be accessed and changed by altering the configuration file [thumb.conf] located on the SD card.

RunCam Thumb configuration file [thumb.conf] default settings are below:

; Note: Inner product info, DO NOT EDIT!

; Video settings
; Resolution.
; Available values: [0]:1080p60fps; [1]:1080p50fps; [2]:1080p30fps;
; Default value: [0]

; Gcsv file:Please use a high-speed card above 64G and configure the video resolution to 1080p@50fps;
; Available values: [0]:OFF; [1]:ON;
; Default value: [0];

; Loop recording interval.
; Available values: [0]:OFF; [1]:1 minute; [2]:3 minutes; [3]:5 minutes.
; Default value: [0]

; Auto recording switch. –
; Available values: [0]:OFF; [1]:ON.
; Default value: [0]

; General settings
; Note: Brightness and exposure control settings are usually set to only one or the other.
; Exposure .
; Available values: [0:Lower]<—->[6:default]<—->[12:Higher]
; Default value: [6]

; Brightness.
; Available values: [0:Lower]<—->[5:default]<—->[10:Higher]
; Default value: [5]

; Sharpness.
; Available values: [1]:Lower, [2]:Low, [3]:default, [4]:High, [5]:Higher
; Default value: [3]

; Contrast.
; Available values: [1]:Lower, [2]:Low, [3]:default, [4]:High, [5]:Higher
; Default value: [3]

; Saturation.
; Available values: [1]:Lower, [2]:Low, [3]:default, [4]:High, [5]:Higher
; Default value: [3]

; White balance.
; Available values: [1]:Auto, [2]:Daylight, [3]:Cloudy, [4]:Tungsten
; Default value: [1]

; Power saving mode. [0]:OFF; [1]:1 minute; [3]:3 minutes – automatically turns off the camera if not recording for 1 or 3 minutes.
; Available values: [0,1,3]
; Default value: [0]

My recommended best RunCam Thumb settings are:

Exposure=5, Brightness=4, Sharpness=4, Contrast=3, Saturation=5 and White balance=1.

GyroFlow stabilization

RunCam Thumb has built in gyro and can record gyro data alongside the video recordings. The gyro data is stored in the separate files with *.gcsv extension. You can stabilize the video footage with GyroFlow software.

Download Gyroflow from here:

Open (or gust drag and drop) video file and gyro motion data file into the GyroFlow software.

Select the RunCam Thumb lens profile for barrel distortion correction.

Press “Auto sync

Hit the “Export” button and GyroFlow will render the stabilized video file.

Below is an example of raw video file recorded by RunCam Thumb and stabilized with GyroFlow.

RunCam Thumb can be purchased from:


Disclaimer: This item was supplied by Banggood for a fair and unbiased review. Banggood never asked for a positive review and never influenced my opinion in any way. I’m trying my best to stay uninfluenced and give only my own opinion. All affiliate links if there are any help me purchase items for future reviews and tests.

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