Rumors: Happymodel Larva X toothpick quad

Happymodel is about to release the new toothpick class quadcopter – Larva X. It will have 100mm frame size, uses  Crazybee F4 PRO V3.0 flight controller with Happymodel EX1103 KV7000 motors. Larva X will be equipped with Emax Rush 2.5 inch propellers. For the video part there will be used Runcam Nano 2 camera with Diamond VTX+DVR combo.

Interesting that Happymodel offers for not only the standart options as: built-in DSM , built-in Frsky D8/D16, built-in Flysky, but also offers preinstalled external Frsky R-XSR and Crossfire receivers. 

Sample flight video:

Available @



FC: Crazybee F4 PRO V3.0
Motors: EX1103 KV7000
Propellers: 2.5inch propellers
Camera: Runcam Nano2 Camera
VTX: Diamond VTX with 720p DVR
Weight: 50gram without Battery
Recommended Battery:
3s 300mah/350mah 3-4 minutes, 2s 450mah 6-7 minutes of flight time

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