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Weekly news & new products: Week 38

This is (almost) weekly news. A compilation of the new products, news and other interesting events

Rumors: iFlight F745 and H743 AIO toothpick FC

iFlight has released a photo with the upcoming F745 and H743 toohpick flight controllers. These two board

iFlight Alpha A85 digital FPV whoop

Digital FPV is on the trend. iFlight is following the line and released the Alpha A85

iFlight SucceX F4 Whoop Flight Controller

iFlight jumps into tiny whoop – toothpick hype train and releases their version of the TinyWhoop

iFlight XING motors – X2206, X2207 and X2306

iFlight released the new series motors – iFlight XING X2206, X2207 and X2306. The iFlight XING