Flight controller Archive

Holybro Kakute F4 AIO

Holybro has also released F4 AIO flight controller. It is F4 MPU based board, includes Betaflight

Lumenier F4 AIO Flight Controller

Lumenier introduced their version of F4 All-InOne Flight controller. On board you have a F405 MPUand Invesense ICM-20608  MPU-6000 gyro,

Frsky XSRF3O, XSRF4O and XSRF3PO, XSRF4PO – FC with RX

Now almost every manufacturer has his own F3/F4 flight controller. Frsky went even further – four

Top 5 best cheap flight controllers

What is best inexpensive quadcopter flight controller that we can get with tight budget? This is

MATEK F405-OSD – new F4 flight controller

Matek also stepped into the game with their brand new F4 flight controller – MATEK F405-OSD.

Omnibus F4 V2 Flight Controller with F405 MCU, OSD, BEC, LC filter and Current meter

Omnibus F4 V2 Flight Controller (also called as Omnibus F4 Pro) is an updated version of his predecessor Omnibus

First F7 flight controller

Banggood released the first F7 flight controller. It is powered by ARM® Cortex-M7® 32-bit microcontroller (STM32F745), working